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Mission Statement

SCASFAA is a community of professionals promoting the advancement of financial assistance programs as an essential part of student access to post-secondary education. In a collaborative effort, SCASFAA provides personal and professional development opportunities that embrace sound principles, practices, and ethics of aid administration. SCASFAA develops future leaders by actively involving all members in an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, and support.


  • Executive Board - The SCASFAA Executive Board
  • Minutes & Reports - Minutes & Reports of the Executive Board
  • Committees 

  • Organizational Structure

    The South Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (SCASFAA) is a member of one of six regional associations recognized by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

    The regional association is the Southern Association of the Student Financial Aid Administrators (SASFAA), which is comprised of the state associations from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

    The purpose for the organization:

    • To promote the professional competency and association of persons involved in student financial aid to post-secondary educational institutions, government agencies, foundations, and others associated with private and community organizations concerned with the support and administration of student financial aid programs.
    • To assist educational institutions, foundations, government agencies, and private and community organizations to promote and develop effective programs pertinent to student financial aid.
    • To promote interchange of information between educational institutions and sponsors of student financial aid funds through an exchange of ideas, information, and experiences.
    • To promote such conferences and other related activities as may be desirable or required to fulfill the purpose of this organization.


    On a crisp October day in 1966, Dr. Charles Witten of the University of South Carolina called a meeting of those college officials in the state who had the responsibility of financial aid at their school. Dr. Witten, in his letter, invited “those of us who are concerned with financial aid to students to meet together to discuss our common problems.” From this early meeting on October 2, 1966, the South Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators was formed. There were only nine who answered the call, but a more dedicated group you could not find.

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    Governing Documents

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